Security and Forensic Studies Nigeria(SFSN) was established under Act 1990 as a professional body to regulate and monitor the conduct of members, it would be very difficult in time past for (SFSN) to maintain these great clarion call.

Hence this also enables the body associates with other government institute organs.


The Institute was born out of the burning desire and passion to promote and encourage the advancement of Security and Forensic Studies in Nigeria both in public and private sectors, thereby inculcating professionalism in Nigeria Security apparatus. Proposal of (SFSN) is membership in the security management team/officers of the three tiers of government.


In section 16 of the 1999 constitution, it is therefore imperative for the body to make some professional and position contribution on security architectural design and policy in Nigeria and possible implementation. That in order to maintain professionalism and guide against the present situation of appointment and recruiting of military and paramilitary promotion, it should be inserted as part of the bill that such qualification should serve as proficiency and part of entering requirement. The need to have professional at the management and implementation policy grin of the nation is Paramount .


Therefore, these had been critically examined that it could result to recruitment of personnel into force as a breakthrough to high technological system in the process of carrying out investigation.


To strengthen, carry out training on private services, premarital investigation, post matrimony investigation, employee investigation, missing person’s family dispute, accident investigation and fire incident.

To train professionals on this application of security and forensic studies and enhancement of new method of forensic investigation. e.g. Medical Forensic, Legal Forensic, intelligence/investigation forensic, accounting/auditing forensic, cyber security forensic, document/signature examiner forensic. Hence, to also partner with all the government parastatal that the objective covers in advancement of National Security and Forensic Studies.

To nominate Security and Forensic Studies professional members, to abide by it code of conduct as entails in the objectives.


To conduct training services for any desirable person or persons.


To give award/induction for members who has passed all the professional exams.


To train and advocate on the modern security consultancy services, principles of intelligence information collection, investigation processes and detectives approaches for security and non-security personnel of every description.


To conduct training services for any desirable person or persons.


To train, equip, provide and supply security guards, dog guards patrol officers handcar, assessors detective cheval fears and personnel of every description.


Presentation of bill at National Assembly for an act to establish the body of Security and Forensic Studies Institute Nigeria.


Having been trained and certified by this institute, the individual stands the best chance to be in the successful list of recruitment into the following military and paramilitary bodies. e.g. EFCC, ICPC, NSCDC, NDLEA, NAFDAC, Police, SSS, Immigration Service, Prison Service, FRSC, Fire Service, NIA, DIA,Nigeria air force, Nigeria navy, Ministry of Interior, Banks, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affair, National Assembly, Hospital and Ministry of health, Oil Company. to put the rigth folk at the right hole is the solution to National Instability.

Advancement of Security and Forensic Studies in Nigeria is a break through to implemention of policy that has great value.

Also to be able to establish a security consulting firm and expand its scope in the field. The benefit did not end there. If individuals can engage into private investigation and prosecution.