This is a body of professionals that come together and do firmly and solemnly resolve to provide a governing constitution by the provision there in, At the Article 3 which is the objective and aim in which the body is established.

1.To secure a peaceful future for individual and group in the peace process.

a.To promote research and advisory toward initiative, encouraging, organizing, hosting and arranging relevant seminars, workshops symposia and other training programs that are identical to make peace and reconciliation in the communities.

2. To admit members with effective cognitive ideology in advancement of peace and reconciliation process.

a. To mediate between warring communities, town, ethnic group, state etc.

b. To award individual based on his contribution toward building of peace and reconciliation initiation in the communities.

The program will employ people approach to bring together groups to improve relationships and advance reconciliation across many lines and levels.


Affirmation of (APRCN) using the principle of peace

Demonstration of leadership quality in a given shyer sphere activaties

Recommendation by a senior member of (APRCN) of an organization affiliated with APRCN or public Analyst.

Hence, (APRCN) is a global network of 1.9million neighbors, friend, leaders and problem- solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe in our communities and in ourselves. Solving real problem takes real commitment and vision.

The membership would be class evidence and assessment in the classroom by the lecture and management.

To attended the advanced peace and security studies at the executive management course (CMC) which is regarded to be a last class before the successful participant will be short-listed for Induction/Award as prospective inductive.

Advanced peace and reconciliation center of Nigeria is in partnership with institute of security and forensic Nigeria, the programed has incorporated if professional to contested training to enhance the aim and objectives of article 3 section ii and iv

The program is expected to build and enhance individuals and members to work toward building of peace and reconciliation.

Membership of our institute can Only gain through the institution profession member qualifying examination and examination of the habilitation of other partnership bodies this is to examine whether prospective member have an adequate or skilling Membership of our institute can only be gained through the institution professional member qualifying examination and other partnership bodies. This is to examine whether prospective members have adequate knowledge or skills.

Becoming an accredited international study center interested in training prospective security and forensic and professional examination programs, then this section has all the information and next steps you will need.

Security and forensic studies Nigeria accredits academic organization that meets the institute’s standards,

The training outfit shall first of all be registered under the appropriate law in their entry.

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