Security and Forensic Studies Nigeria Partnership with College of Oil and gas technology.

The aims and objectives are to train professionals in oil and gas with top-notch instructor worldwide Courses for reservoir Engineers, Geologist, Petrophysist, Drillers, technicians Hence, this is totally committed to the sustainable production of the Energy the world need on a reliable and affordable.

This training and certification in oil and gas are greatly important to the professionals or people from others field but now what to venture into the field with true multimedia Experience that offers a variety of leaning techniques as well as to support. It is allow for E-leaning (distance learning)The field may not complete if the area of Environment Healthy Safety Management are not applied

Our Mission

The college of oil and gas Exploration technology (C O G E T) is training mission is to develop and certify the competencies of oil and gas petrochemical tough public or in house customized sessions worldwide our consists of many Permanent lecturers and Expert. Boosted by these rich industry Experience we design innovation and personalized training sessions develop relevant case Studies her allow an immediate practice acquired knowledge.

Before the completion of the courses the participant would undergo one week tour to oil companies in Nigeria and attendance of international oil and gas related summit.